10 Best Yoga Mat Backpack Review

top 10 yoga backpack review

I absolutely love the feeling of traveling the world and living lightly. It feels incredible to know all my possessions, including my precious yoga mat and MacBook, are all in one place. Traveling the world with my yoga mat backpack, automatically makes me a minimalist and allows me to have free time to BE instead of DO all day.

But then, getting home after a trip feels like a heavy meal after a juice cleanse. I always find myself overwhelmed with all my material stuff, and my life feels cluttered again. Since my last trip to Costa Rica in March this year, I have been obsessed with the idea to continue adopting my minimalist backpacking lifestyle as my daily routine. My first steps involved reducing the amount of stuff I carry around all day.

Aurorae Yoga Multi Purpose BackpackYoga backpack review

I commute to the office, to school, and to the yoga studio most days. Understand, the search criteria for the ideal backpack will be different for every lifestyle, but here I’m sharing mine for reference:

  • Laptop pocket: I like to carry to my 17” MacBook Pro everywhere. This is a non-negotiable for me since I need for work and school, so my size options are limited. Yoga Mat Holder: I’m a regular yoga practitioner, so I need my mat with me most days. This is another non-negotiable.
  • Comfort: I knew a backpack was my number one choice for my daily carrier. Backpacks are designed to evenly distribute their load on your shoulders and hips, making them easy to carry and putting less strain on the back.
  • Style & Material: Style is also an essential factor in my life. I like the design of my possessions to be a reflection of my values. I’m a minimalist, so my backpack needed to have a simple, streamlined design.
  • Natural Materials: I’m a health fanatic, and I’m aware of the health implications that synthetic materials pose to the body. An eco-friendly and natural fabric such as cotton was my preferred option.


During my search for the perfect backpack that would fit my minimalist-yogi-student-programmer lifestyle, I found the ZENSACK.


The ZENSACK brand is a pure reflection of the Zen lifestyle. It has a clean and simple look, which means no useless or uncomfortable pockets, straps, or clicks.

The backpack was designed to be great for yoga, featuring stylish straps for a yoga mat. Also, I love the sturdy canvas material, which is a 100% cotton fabric, eco-friendly, and healthier than synthetic materials. It also features leather accents and metal hardware, which makes it durable and reliable.

I have been using the ZENSACK backpack daily for about six months now, and I’m fascinated. I take it to the office or school in the morning, and to the Yoga Studio every night, it’s proven itself to be an excellent daily companion. I don’t think I’ll need another backpack in a long time.

Top 10 Yoga backpacks at Amazon

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