Pelican 1620 Case Review

Pelican 1620 Case Review

Designed and built to offer complete protection for expensive cameras and other electronics, Pelican cases are the best way to store your photography equipment, or anything really.

The Pelican 1620 case is perfect for multiple cameras and lenses, with a lot of interior space and plenty of depth.

It also includes premium features only found in Pelican’s line of larger cases, like smooth steel casters, reinforced lock tab, nameplate, and stainless steel latches.

Whether you make a living with your cameras or you’re just an enthusiastic hobbyist, the Pelican 1620 case is one of the best ways to keep them safe and secure.

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  • Retractable extension handle and casters make it easy to roll
  • Customizable Pick N’Pluck foam insert guarantees that your equipment will fit perfectly
  • High-density plastic body is sturdy enough that you could roll over it with a car
  • Waterproof thanks to a silicone O-ring and pressure equalizing insert
  • Stainless steel hardware and pins used throughout
  • Reinforced tab for padlocks can’t be cut easily
  • Measures 24 5/8″ long, 13 7/8″ wide, and 19 3/8″ tall
  • Protected by Pelican’s lifetime warranty against defective materials and labor

The Good…

Pelican has been known for their quality storage cases for over 40 years, and the Pelican 1620 case lives up to their reputation.

Everything about this case has been designed based on field photographers and other professionals who use their cameras in harsh conditions. That means you can rest assured knowing that your equipment is safe and sound, even if it takes a tumble or falls into the water.

There’s not other professional manufacturer of premium storage cases that can match Pelican’s track record of excellent engineering and outstanding quality.

The casters on the Pelican 1620 case are a nice touch, as well as being very well made.

The wheels themselves are hardy polyurethane plastic, which can stand up to being rolled through uneven and rocky ground very well. The bearing system is stainless steel, they require very little maintenance and are tough enough to last a lifetime.

Pelican also includes a nylon insert that helps to reduce the heat buildup associated with friction and keep your case rolling smoothly wherever you need to go.

One of the things that helps Pelican cases stand out from the competition is their waterproofing. Even their smallest cases, like the Pelican 1200, can survive being submerged without a leak and keep your equipment dry.

The Pelican 1620 case is no exception. It seals up tightly with a tongue and groove closure that presses firmly against a silicone O-ring to prevent water from entering.

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Pelican also includes a pressure-equalizing valve to assist the O-ring when your case is fully submerged, equalizing pressure by releasing some of the air in the case as the water presses down.

Finally, the foam lining in the Pelican 1620 case is just as advanced as anything else.

It uses Pelican’s Pick N’Pluck foam system that allows you to customize the openings in the foam in order to fit snugly around your equipment. Prior to Pelican’s development of Pick N’Pluck, you had to use a razor knife to cut out openings in the foam lining in order to fit your equipment in.

Compared to the competition, Pelican makes it much easier. When you upgrade or change your gear, it’s easy to purchase additional foam inserts that will allow you to fit the new equipment in without looking for another case.

The Bad…

All Pelican cases require a little bit of regular maintenance to keep them operating perfectly, and the 1620 case is no exception. The silicone O-ring requires regular lubrication in order to function well.

It’s a good idea to order a tube of silicone lubricant, like Dow Corning’s Molykote 111, right when you purchase your case.

Having it on hand and available means that you’re less likely to forget. In addition to the seal, all of the latches and casters are solid stainless steel and they benefit from a bit of occasional lubrication as well.

Something that you might want to keep in mind, as the smallest of Pelican’s large cases, the 1620 doesn’t ship with dividers.

If you need to partition off the inside of the Pelican 1620 case then you’ll need to purchase them separately. They aren’t very expensive, and couldn’t be simpler to install, so it might have been nice for Pelican to include at least one as a part of the package.

Our Verdict!

If you have the need for a large, sturdy place to protect your camera equipment there’s nothing else on the market that can touch the Pelican 1620 case.
Not only is it incredibly durable, waterproof, and shock-resistant, the Pelican 1620 case is a product of decades of development and research.

Hexacopter enthusiasts love it!

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There’s no other name that professional photographers trust their equipment with more often than Pelican, so if you want the highest level of protection available, the Pelican 1620 case is exactly what you’re looking for.

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