Pelican 1170 Review

Pelican 1170

You can always count on the Pelican 1170 case to assist you no matter what it is that you decide to carry inside it.

The reason why it’s advertised and regarded as one of the most rugged cases to have ever been sold is because it’s chemical and literally defies every element out there.

It will never corrode, let air in nor respond to water, crushing or dust.

They’ve had the end user’s needs in mind since the start which is why this case is perfect for anyone carrying their weapon or devices which are very sensitive and need protection.

You’d be glad to know that it’s made out of copolymer and the wall design of it is extremely durable.

The latches are practical as far as opening and there are a number of features you’re going to appreciate it for.

Most people would want to know what they can store inside and thus the exact dimensions are as follows: 10.54″ X 6.04″ X 3.16″.

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Why You Should Consider The Pelican 1170:

– The shell is next to unbreakable, offering amazing protection for your pistol/electronic device.

– It has an open cell core.

– It has double throw latches.

– There’s a waterproof seal.

– The design is practical and doesn’t take a lot of getting used to.

– The hasps are pad-lockable.

– It’s automatic pressure equalization valve.

– It’s made out of stainless steal and can virtually resist everything including chemicals, corrosion effects, air, water, dust and violent crushing.

– It has an O ring seal.

– It comes with a lifetime warranty/guarantee.

Your Options:  

  1. Empty And With No Foam:

When they advertise this as the toughest case there is in the world, they literally mean it! There’s no need to ever open it up unless you’re in need of the item you’re protecting and you can store away items for years without worrying.

Choose between a number of different colors that are suitable for different environments.

What You’ll Be Getting:                                                                                           

– The case.

– It’s O-ring.

– Unconditional lifetime guarantee.

  1. The Case + Pick N Plock Foam.

This is optional but the foam is easy to put together with the case and offers a number of customization options.

This is basically a three piece foam set that comes in a number of colors, like the Pelican S100.

What You’ll Be Getting:

– The case.

– The Pick N Pluck foam.

– It’s O-ring.

– Unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Even if you don’t purchase with the optional foam, you’ll still be able to choose between colors. The foam option will also include a convoluted lid foam in addition to the foam. There are more options so check out their website and see whether your needs resonate with some of those.

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