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North Face Surge II Backpack
My first-hand experience with the North Faces surge II backpack. Carrying a laptop backpack is definitely more convenient than having to lug around a regular laptop bag. It is this thought that drove me to start searching for such a bag for myself. However, what I never expected was that North Face, the company that made its name by producing camping essentials, would provide with what I sought: the North Face Surge II backpack. If you’re in the market for a new laptop backpack that provides ample room and ensures that your things are organized properly, read on to discover why the Surge II backpack will be great for you.

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Aesthetically Speaking

Yes, I enjoy having pretty things that I can flaunt around. This is why it was love at first sight when I got to hold the North Face Surge II backpack. The model I saw was a two-toned (anchorage green and dark sage green) bag with yellow detailing and straps.

Another available combination is blue with asphalt grey while the remaining two models featured a single shade each: Tnf black and coffee brown ripstop.

Inside the Bag

Unzipping the bag, the interior had the same color as the detailing, which in my case was yellow. Despite the ample room inside, the backpack looked anything but bulky. In fact, I slipped my 17-inch laptop and the bag looked perfect on the outside.

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In the process, I discovered that the laptop compartment was lined with neoprene, a material that is well-known for being light and durable. This meant that nothing could hurt my laptop aside from me smashing it to the ground with my own two hands.

As neoprene was used all over the bag’s interior, this meant that any fragile items I placed inside it would be safe from harm.

One thing that definitely stood out as I explored the bag was the neoprene tablet sleeve. With most people shifting towards tablets, this addition is definitely a wise move that will make people on the go appreciate the North Face Surge II backpack.

Even if you don’t have a tablet, the tablet sleeve in this 32-liter daypack can be useful for stashing away your smartphone or iPod.

Prominent Features

To be honest, the North Face Surge II backpack’s features offer a lot of benefits to complement its great looks and ample space.

    • Extra Comfort – As I mentioned earlier, the last thing I wanted was to hurt my back lugging my electrical gadgets around. The North Face Surge II backpack comes with easily adjustable straps made with FlexVent and back panels lined with Airmesh padding. Both of these support the body and ensure comfort regardless of how heavy your laptop is.
    • More Stability – For extremely lean people, the weight of electronic gadgets and other gadgets can be taxing. However, the Surge II backpack is a blessing since it offers both chest and hip belts. This will keep you on your toes rather than leaning backward with the weight.
    • Additional Room – If you’re always zooming here and there, the North Face Surge II backpack has ample storage to allow you to carry everything you need. Aside from special compartments for your laptop and tablet, the bag flaunts a secondary compartment with organization, a front tricot pocket, a vertical stash pocket, a zippered power cord pocket, and side water bottle pockets.
    • Added Safety – To ensure that you reach your destination safely while you’re out at night, North Face’s daypack comes with an integrated reflective light loop. This is definitely a great addition for people like me who head out while forgetting their safety essentials.
    • Flexible Design – This is one aspect I definitely appreciate the most. The design of the North Face Surge II backpack works fine in both work settings and casual ones. This spared me from having to pay twice the amount to get a more formal-looking bag for work.
    • Value for Money – First off, the cost of the bag (£100) is quite reasonable. However, it is mainly the value that attracted me to it. The features and benefits are worth more than the price. In addition, since durable materials were used for making the bag, I have a good feeling that it will last for a long time.

The only thing that would have made this backpack ideal is the removable battery pack the Surge II Charged has.

The high quality of the first with the main feature of the second would have made this backpack complete.

The Bottom Line

The North Face Surge II backpack is definitely an excellent choice if you are out of the house all of the time and would like to have your gadgets close. With features like comfortable padding and organized spaces, the bag is worth the pounds you invest in it.

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