how to wash a Herschel backpack

How to Clean a Herschel Backpack: 5 Quick Steps (with Pictures)

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to wash a Herschel backpack comfortably. Let’s dive in!

Students and young professionals love Herschel backpacks. They are attractive, spacious, and durable. But just like any backpack, they get dirty.

But before we dive in, let’s look at some common questions about washing Herschel backpacks.

How do you wash a Herschel backpack?

According to the manufacturer, the best way to clean a Herschel backpack is to use mild soap and only spot-clean the dirty area.

NB: A mild soap does not harm nor irritate the skin.

How to clean a Herschel backpack

Can You Wash Herschel Backpacks In the Washing Machine?

Herschel cautions customers against washing their bags in the washing machine.

how to clean a Herschel backpack
washing a Herschel backpack

NB: Do not machine wash your Herschel backpacks.

To protect your Herschel backpack from damage, don’t clean it in the washer. If you do, you risk ruining the bag’s appearance in addition to compromising the bag’s use and functionality.

Herschel backpacks are a distinctive and exquisitely made product if you are familiar with them. They are renowned for being long-lasting products that maintain elegance for many years.

Remember this and refrain from machine washing or frequently cleaning your Herschel backpack. It should be spot cleaned every three months or so. You can wash the entire bag by hand if need be.

How to Clean a Herschel Backpack: 5 Quick Steps (with Pictures)
Herschel backpack

Follow these 5 quick and easy steps to handwash your backpack.

First Step – How To Wash a Herschel Backpack

Cleaning out your bag is the first thing you should do. Remove all items, including debris or crumbs, from the bag.

Use a vacuum cleaner if you have trouble getting the tiny crumbs out. For the backpack to be completely clean, ensure you check all the pockets and secret compartments.

How to Clean a Herschel Backpack: 5 Quick Steps (with Pictures)
Empty your Herschel bag

Use your hands or a soft brush to remove any additional dirt or dust. If you’re having trouble removing the dust, lightly wet a rag. This will enable you to remove dirt or dust that may be present on the surface.

Keep everything together so you don’t forget anything crucial when you’re done.
Remove any loose fabric or material that you see near the zipper or zipper teeth.

You wouldn’t believe it, but those tiny threads are what make zippers jam.

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Second Step – How To Wash a Herschel Backpack

Set the soap and warm water down.

As we already mentioned, Herschel advises using mild liquid soap.

Third Step – How To Wash a Herschel Backpack

Some users might advise you to grab a toothbrush or something similar, but I recommend using soft tools.

A soft sponge is, in my opinion, the safest choice. Compared to using a toothbrush, a soft sponge will not damage your backpack.

By this time, you ought to have:

  • A backpack
  • Water
  • A soft sponge
  • Soap

Fourth Step – How To Wash a Herschel Backpack

Run a sponge through the water to wash a Herschel bag.

Add soap (a small amount) and gently move the sponge in circular motions. Add soap if required as you repeat the process.

Remember to start with less soap and water to see how the bag’s material and the affected area react.

After cleaning the affected area, use a damp rag or a clean sponge to remove or absorb any soap residue.

Fifth Step – How To Wash a Herschel Backpack

Once you are done washing your backpack, air dry it.

Avoid hanging it under direct sunlight – It can damage the bag by shrinking it.

Re-Inspect Your Backpack

Inspect your backpack for loose threads near or around the zipper, especially after washing it. If any, take it for repair. Reinspection helps you maintain your Herschel bag and keep it in good condition.

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Final Thoughts

Herschel produces some of the best and most popular backpacks today. Hand washing is the best cleaning option for backpacks.

When washing your backpack, concentrate on the stained area. Use a gentle soap; anything you would use to wash dishes and put on your hands should suffice.

While you can machine wash your Herschel backpacks, the company strongly advises against it. They definitely want you to have the best experience possible.

I hope I have answered all your questions. Please comment below if you have any input on washing Herschel backpacks.

Can you dry clean a Herschel backpack?

This is NOT something that I recommend! Dry cleaning your backpack can cause melting and deformation of the bag’s natural and synthetic components. Your Herschel backpack is also likely to change its shape.

Can I soak my Herschel backpack?

The answer is yes. You can soak your Herschel backpack. However, you should consider the following issues: Because harsh chemicals or detergents can harm the fabric of your backpack, use a natural cleaner.

After soaking your backpack, rinse it thoroughly. This removes any residue and shields the fabric from potential harm. Let your backpack completely air dry. This will guarantee it is free of moisture that promotes mold growth.

Are Herschel backpacks easy to clean?

Yes! Herschel backpacks are made with durable, easy-to-clean materials. Wipe your backpack with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or stains. If there are any stubborn stains, spot-clean them with mild soap and water. Let your backpack air dry completely before using it again.

How do I claim my Herschel warranty?

You can submit a warranty claim on the manufacturer’s website if you have a problem with your Herschel backpack. You’ll need to provide your contact information, order number, and a brief issue description. Herschel will review your claim and get back to you with a resolution.

How durable are Herschel bags?

Herschel backpacks are made from high-quality materials that withstand everyday wear and tear. If you take good care of your Herschel bag, it should last you for many years.

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