How to organize backpack for travel

How to Organize a Backpack for Travel (6 Useful Steps)

What’s the ideal way to organize a travel backpack? This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know. Read on!

Even for backpackers, organizing a backpack for easy travel is a significant effort. Traveling is much more enjoyable when you have organizable backpacks and easy access to what you want.

I know nothing is worse than having to dig through your bag to find your toothbrush or being worried that you’ve misplaced your passport because you can’t find it.

An organized travel bag allows you to enjoy the experience more and less time stressing about your belongings. These packing suggestions can help keep your backpack tidy while fitting everything you need.

How to organize a backpack for travel

⦁ Select the right travel bag.

⦁ Make a list of your travel accessories.

⦁ Utilize luggage accessories

⦁ Arrange your clothing in rolls and folds

⦁ Pack and safeguard your electronic devices.

⦁ Organize toiletries.

Select the right travel bag.

Your backpack is the highlight of your adventure, and picking the right one will make your stay fun and organized. The most refined travel bag contains several pockets so you can arrange your large and tiny belongings. 

You should ensure that your backpack has specific pockets for small goods because they often end at the bottom of bags.

organizable backpack
travel backpack

The backpacking organization of your belongings in a tiny bag can be challenging. You will cram everything so tightly into the compartments. 

If your luggage is overly huge, there will be a lot of extra room, and your belongings will move around. When a travel backpack is the correct size, organizing it becomes simpler.

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Make a list of your travel accessories.

Confirm that you have all you intend to carry at least one day before packing your bag. This ensures you aren’t carrying too much or too little of your travel items. Backpack organization gives you a chance to get rid of the extras. 

Listing all your items a day before makes it easier to pack, and you will not forget anything. Packing similar items together and the most accessible near the zipper will help you access them easily. 

how to organize your backpack
travel accessories

For instance, your camera and camera batteries should be placed near the top of your backpack for easy access as you’ll use them frequently. Put heavier items and those you don’t regularly use in the bottom of your backpack.

Utilize luggage accessories

The game-changer when it comes to keeping your backpack organized is using travel packing cubes. They not only save room, but they also make it easier to organize related goods like clothing and toiletries. 

You take out your stocking cube when you need a fresh pair of stockings or clean clothes. Additionally, packing and repacking are much simpler because nothing spills out and causes a confused mess when you open your bag.

how to organize backpack for travel
packing cubes for travel

Compressible shoe bags are another staple packing accessory you should always have. Although shoes are heavy, filthy, and difficult to pack, you’ll usually want to carry an additional pair on your trip. 

The shoe bags will help your shoes fit more firmly and enable you to bundle them with your spotless clothes.

Remember to carry laundry bags. They are travel flat, lightweight, and convenient when you want to keep dirty clothing.

Arrange your clothing in rolls and folds

It would help if you packed clothes strategically in your vacation backpack because they take up a lot of space. Roll up any soft clothing, such as t-shirts and underwear, and maximize storage space in your backpack (by using packing cubes).

 Fold the bulkier clothing next, such as jackets and khakis. Put tissue paper in the creases of your clothing to prevent wrinkles and allow for some movement in your luggage.

The best way to pack your clothing in a backpack is to organize rolled clothing at the bottom, then pile folded clothing on top. This allows you to quickly remove and organize your folded clothing without disorganizing the rolled clothing.

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Pack and safeguard your electronic devices.

Your electronics, especially if you’re traveling for business trips, are perhaps the most valuable item you bring. Maintaining your travel backpack’s organization is essential for keeping track of your belongings and that it’s packed securely.

Keep your electronics in specific backpack pockets. 

Ensure your laptop is kept in a substantial, padded sleeve if your backpack lacks a laptop pocket. Microfleece-lined pockets are preferable for your electronic devices with a delicate screen that could get scratched. 

After that, pack more compact tech accessories, such as batteries, external hard drives, and headphones, in packing cubes or smaller pockets.

Organize toiletries.

Toiletries can feel very odd because of their strange shapes and sizes. To save space, always attempt to use travel-sized versions. Bring a comb rather than a hairbrush and liquid substances in refillable bottles.

how to organize backpacks
woman organizing a backpack

It would be best to keep liquids together in a leak-proof bag, so they don’t splatter on your clothing and electronics. Avoid any liquids at all costs. 


It’s essential to arrange your backpack for travel to find everything you need quickly. Additionally, keeping your pack’s weight as low as possible makes it comfortable to carry it around.

You will have an organized and convenient bag if you follow these instructions and incorporate some of our best travel tips.

So spare some time and start organizing your backpack!

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How should I organize my backpack for backpacking?

When you pack your backpack for travel, it’s a good idea to do so in three sections: bottom, middle, and top. Always pack the bottom of the bag first, then place heavy items in the middle, and place your trail essentials on top.

Where do you put a tent on a backpack?

The middle, up against your back, is the ideal location for a tent in your backpack. It is the most convenient way to carry heavy objects for the majority of hikers and aids in maintaining weight balance.

Are travel packing cubes worth it?

Packing cubes make the process of packing and traveling much easier. They first aid in compressing your clothing into a smaller area. They are zipped, allowing easy movement of your items in the backpack.

How do you compress clothes for travel?

Using compression bags is simple. Fold your clothes and lay them flat in the backpack, close the zipper, then roll it to suck out the air.

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