How To Clean Your GORUCK Backpack

How To Clean Your GORUCK Backpack

There’s one thing you’ve still gotta do, you’ve gotta take care of your equipment; you gotta clean your ruck. It’s very simple. Do not put it in the washer; do not put it in the dryer. Your washer is a hose/brush and the dryer is the sunlight. So here we publish a guide and basic tips about How To Clean Your GORUCK Backpack, we hope you can like it.

How To Clean Your GORUCK Backpack: Molle Straps Too!

  • Alright, dish soap (Dawn), this is America, everybody’s got it, it’s awesome. You put it in your bucket and you put the water in the bucket.
  • You fill it up; don’t need too much dish soap.
  • During the challenge, you were carrying each other and carrying logs, now you’re gonna use those big washers and a little elbow grease and you’re gonna clean your rucksack.
  • It’s a pretty common thing in the military, when you’re done with any operation, you come back and you take care of your equipment first. You make sure that everything is good to go again.
  • If you let all the mud and all the dirt and all the everything soak in for too long, it just kind of starts to bind to the fabric and you know, it’s not ideal.

What you wanna do is take care of it fast, right?

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You can put it in a bathtub, you can do all sorts of different things, that’s fine, that’s on your bathtub, right? I recommend this way, outside.

Now, hard step but I’m gonna actually take my GORUCK tough patch off for a bit.

See, there’s a bunch of grime and filth and dirt.

Alright, so the important thing when you’re hosing this off is just to really get the really messy stuff off it. If you’ve seen Pulp Fiction, they’re cleaning the car and they gotta get all the really messy, dirty grime and blood and sweat and tear out of the car.

It’s kinda like that with your rucksack, you gotta get all messiest, all the dirtiest parts off wherever there’s caked mud, wherever there’s anything caked, get rid of that first.

Zippers are the weak part of any rucksack. You really need to make sure to clean these, get rid of all the dirt and all the grime that’s in there first before you start running the zipper along the chain… it’s like running your engine with no oil in it.

Now, what we wanna do is open it up.

If you never get dirty in life, you’re doing something wrong. So you see, it’s the same procedure. Might help to flip that inside out.

Use the power of the hose, the hose is a great thing, use its power.

The zippers, the zippers are what you need to pay extra attention to, right so just travel the stream of water along the entire zipper both sides. Make sure to get as much as you can out of there. The outside and the inside.

Don’t forget to get the slant pocket. So you get up in there too. Gravity, have gravity work for you, it’s awesome.

Alright so at first sight, this ruck has just been soaked.

It’s been soaked with water hose pressure which is the preferred technique.

Now, I gotta wash it. Soapy water, brush.

This is my new washer (my arm), not the machine, this is my washer. Dip the brush in the bucket and I just go over it with a little bit of friction, not too much, just a little bit.

Go over everything including the bottom, follow the length of all the molle straps and webbing, the backside, the front side, and every side.

Follow along the routes of the zippers, that’s really important. Go to the inside, recommend flipping it inside out. Make it look like a hot soapy mess.

So, the next thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna rinse it. Imagine that, more water. When in doubt, more water.

Now get in the sunlight aka nature’s dryer.

Do not put this in your dryer.


Your shoulder pads, they’re glued together; there are 2 types of padding. Sometimes that can melt depending upon how badass your dryer is, don’t do that.

Essentially the ruck is now clean; it’s just awaiting the sunlight.

One trick, you put a t-shirt or something in the laptop compartment in the back, it’s gonna help with that drying process.

Make sure that all the pockets are open, you wanna get that direct exposure to the wind, to the sun, to anything that you can just to help that part dry.

There’s one final step related to maintenance of your equipment, your rucksack.


GORUCK Zipper Care!

How to Clean GORUCK Zipper?

If you want to clean GORUCK Zipper follow the following steps.

It’s like oil in your engine, doesn’t work too well without it.

  • Zippers are inherently the weak spot in any rucksack, period, the end.
  • They’re just inherently weak.
  • They’re held together with threads.
  • You’ve gotta oil it up to help them do what they’re intended to do properly.
  • So basically you squeeze just a little bit and you just drag along the entire length of the zipper, it’s easy.
  • I prefer to do it on the inside, it’s really preference.
  • The oil comes out a little bit and then the bristles help disperse it across the zipper, you’ll obviously see it start to shine a little bit more on top. So I would recommend that once you’ve done that, do it a little bit more just back and forth, all the pieces back and forth and just work it into the grooves of the entire rucksack and then you’re gonna get a lot better performance out of your zippers next time.

Again it’s really important to make sure that you’ve got all the mud, all the dirt and all the stuff out of the zippers or else, you know, this can’t do its job, it’s gotta be clean first. So that’s what the water and the soapy water and the washer that you used right here, that’s what that’s for, is to get rid of all that dirt and grime and then you put oil in the engine and that’s it.

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