how to attach backpack to rolling suitcase

How to Attach a Backpack to a Rolling Suitcase in 7 Easy Ways

In this guide, I’ll show you how to attach a backpack to a rolling suitcase. A rolling suitcase is one of the essential travel accessories because you can use it to carry your belongings. However, there are times when you must transport additional items that won’t fit in your bag. 

For instance, attaching your backpack to your luggage might be beneficial if you are traveling with a larger suitcase or want more storage space. You won’t have to worry about carrying both bags separately because you’ll have access to them this way.

It is tiresome to carry your backpack on your shoulder with a suitcase rolling by your side for long hours while on the go. If you’re sick of traveling with two carry-on luggage bags, read our instructions on attaching a backpack to a rolling suitcase. 

How do you Attach a Backpack to a Rolling Suitcase?

Even though it seems simple, many people struggle to attach a backpack to a rolling suitcase. Depending on the best attachments, you need to know how to attach a backpack to your luggage.

The standard method you can use to attach your backpack to a rolling suitcase is to extend the handle of your suitcase first. Then use the handle of your backpack and make it lay onto the suitcase handle.

how to attach backpack to rolling suitcase
Backpack attached to a rolling suitcase

You can prefer to rest your backpack on top of the rolling suitcase in a tilted position. This makes it easier to move around when your rolling suitcase is pulled.

The first option is to use a strap system that allows you to drag your bag along even when it is fully loaded. Smaller backpacks work best for this, especially if they’re light.

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Does Your Backpack Have Luggage Straps?

A luggage sleeve or strap makes it simple to fasten your backpack to your case. You can easily fit the wheel handle of your suitcase through the opening if your backpack does not have a strap or sleeve on the back panel. This also works if the rear panel is not tightly stitched to the bag.

strap to attach backpack to luggage
Luggage Straps

In some backpacks, the bag’s sleeve has zippers running the length of it, allowing the sleeve to function as a pocket when not in use as a strap. A hidden sleeve that you can only access by turning a bag sideways is also a common feature of many bags.

Check your backpack’s strap and sleeve construction carefully because it will save you from buying one from the market. If your bag does not have these features, purchase them and firmly fasten your backpack to your rolling suitcase.

Although there are still other options that you can use in your pack to secure it to your rolling luggage, let’s first examine the possibility of obtaining various add-on straps and how to use them.

How do you Fix Your BackPack with Add-On Straps?

If you have time to choose from various straps and are not packing last minute, browse the luggage straps for backpacks and select one that best compliments your bag.

how to attach a backpack to luggage
Add-on straps

Elastic strap

The best option for you, if you have a large backpack, is to purchase an elastic add-a-bag strap. Even though the strap appears small, you can easily stretch it to fit your bag.

Buckled strap

Purchase a short buckled strap as an additional option. By connecting respective grab handles with this buckled band, you can attach your backpack to a rolling suitcase.

The disadvantage of this method is that your pack continues to move and hang in that position, which may annoy you. Avoid using this option if your backpack has a lot of extra straps to prevent them from getting caught on your luggage’s wheels.

Luggage sleeve

Purchasing a trolley sleeve with a buckled strap is the most convenient way to secure your backpack and rolling suitcase together. Use Velcro to attach the backpack to the drawn-out handle of your luggage, and then use a buckled strap to secure the sleeve.

suitcase with backpack straps
Backpack attached to a rolling suitcase

You’ll be able to move around without worrying about your pack getting out of place and hanging around.

How do you Fasten Your Bag with Existing Straps?

You can attach your backpack to rolling luggage using one of the following techniques if you need more time to use an add-on strap. One of these straps is present on almost all backpacks and is simple.

luggage strap backpack
shoulder straps

Backpack Handle

To get started, pull out the wheel handle from your luggage and thread it through the handle on your pack.

The only thing you need to watch out for is any extra straps on your backpack that might get caught in the wheels of your suitcase.

Shoulder Straps

This method works well with double-barrel luggage handles. To prevent the pack from falling off, pass the handle horizontally through the shoulder straps of your bag and secure the bands.

Hip Belt and Sternum Strap

Using these two belts, you can quickly and securely fasten your bag to the suitcase in a vertical position. Your pack’s straps should face your luggage’s handle as you stand it upright. After that, secure the straps as desired.

Your backpack may still feel unsteady, but you can grab both the bag’s and the luggage’s handles to move around easily.

How do you Attach Your Backpack with Bungee Cords?

Use the bungee cords on your pack’s front side (if it has them) to secure it to the rolling luggage. Thread the suitcase handle through these strings, then pull them tight.

how to attach backpack to rolling suitcase
Bungee cords

This method works best for smaller packs that don’t obstruct your ability to access the luggage handle. This technique will enable you to walk while holding the backpack and the suitcase’s handles comfortably.

How Do You Clip Your Bag With a Belt? 

attach bag to suitcase
Bag attached to belt

If none of the options mentioned above appeal to you, use a belt to tie the bag to the handle of your rolling suitcase.

NB: This is not a recommended approach, but you can still try it, especially if you are in a hurry.

Consider Investing in a Specific Backpack

Finding suitable backpacks that go well together when traveling with a roller suitcase can take time and effort. When attempting to attach a backpack to a rolling suitcase, there may be difficulties. This is where the functional backpack-roller set is valuable.

The next time you go shopping for a pack, choose one with a trolley sleeve and straps so it can be used as a carry-on bag. Your travels will be hassle-free with this kind of specialized backpack.

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This article has outlined simple tips on how to attach a backpack to a rolling suitcase. You have various options, so pick the one that best suits your occasion. You can quickly and easily attach your pack to the handle of your rolling luggage with a bit of time and effort.

I hope these simple tips were helpful.

How do you attach a bag to a trolley bag?

Several different methods exist for attaching a backpack to a trolley bag. Utilizing the straps on the trolley bag’s back is the most typical technique. You can also use a bungee cord or rope to attach the bag to the trolley bag. Ensure the bag is firmly fastened to prevent loss while traveling.

How do you attach a luggage strap?

Thread the luggage strap through the bag’s handle first before fastening it to your bag. Afterward, secure the strap’s end to the bag’s base. You can either use the clip that usually comes with the strap or tie it in a knot to accomplish this. Ensure the strap is secure by testing it by pulling on the bag after it has been fastened.

What is an add a bag sleeve?

It is a strap that fastens to the handle of your primary bag and can loop over the handle of your secondary bag. You can hold both bags in one hand in this manner. Add-a-bag sleeves make it simple to carry all of your belongings in one hand while traveling with multiple bags. You can adjust add-a-bag sleeves to fit various sizes; they are also helpful for carrying bags of different sizes.

What is the bungee cord on backpacks for?

Backpack bungee cords are adaptable tools that you can use for various tasks, including;
Fastening clothing or sleeping bags to the outside of the backpack.
Attaching the backpack to a larger piece of luggage, such as a duffel bag or suitcase. 
Hanging equipment from a tree or other object and as a temporary clothesline.

What is a trolley strap?

It is a strap you use to attach a trolley or suitcase to a larger piece of luggage. It has a loop or clip at one end that can be attached to the trolley or suitcase and is made of fabric or webbing in most cases. The strap’s other end is adjustable to attach to various luggage sizes. When you travel, trolley straps are essential to keep your luggage together.

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