High Sierra Swerve Backpack Review

High Sierra Swerve Backpack Review

Although there are literally thousands of backpacks you get to choose from, did you ever stop and think about getting one that would provide you with everything you’ll ever need so you don’t have to purchase another one?

We’re talking about the kind of backpack that you can count on no matter where you decide to go and/or what you intend on doing – the type you can grab and go with.

If I had to choose one, it would probably be the Swerve by High Sierra.

I almost feel privileged to have found out about this backpack as I consider it more of a discovery than something common.


If you don’t want to settle for an average, uncomfortable pack then this is the one to go for.

High Sierra Swerve Backpack Features

The Good: It Looks Amazing

If you compare it to other backpacks, it’s actually quite nicer than most. It’s large in size, weights around 1.5 kg and is ideal if you’re looking to accommodate a regular sized laptop.(13′ or 15′ sized laptop)

What you’ll love about it the most is that you can put a lot of items in and still feel comfortable and balanced.

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They’re basically using trademark materials to make this backpack which is enough of an indicator as far as the quality put into it. It’s going to last you a lifetime and should be treated as an investment rather than something you just buy out of the blue.

It utilizes a mash system for the padded back panel and the shoulder straps are among the most comfortable to have ever touched my shoulders. Though you’ll probably end up wearing it for hours, it’s actually going to be one of those enjoyable experiences you wouldn’t regret.

There’s an entire system to the shoulder straps which basically ensures all the weight is absorbed and your overall load is lightened so you can put more items in and still not feel uncomfortable.

Store Anything And Everything!

Even North Face backpacks are hard to compare when it comes to pockets. There is an insane amount of pockets that you can use to put your items in, most of which are extremely safe and away from the reach of thieves.

You can keep things like your passport, ID and money hidden away in some of the inside zip pockets. Everything seems to be laid out nicely and organized in a way you’ll appreciate. Inside it’s split up in 4 different compartments including that soft laptop compartment.

You’ll notice that the front is extremely well organized as it can contain all your essentials including things like pens, keys, passport and mobile phones. This is very practical if you travel overseas and need to get in touch with people quickly or if you want fast access to your documents.

You can use this compartment to store CDs, USBs and a small camera as well. High Sierra went out their way to make the laptop compartment absolutely perfect as the padded sleeve is going to keep yours safe no matter what. The laptop will fit in regardless of size and is about as protected as it can get. You can even squeeze books in and it won’t make much of a difference.

Choose Between Colors/Styles

The manufacturer has realized that it’s not all about the practical elements, but style as well. It’s good to know that you’ll be able to choose between a number of colors and styles including black, oyster, flint, ash, navy, blueprint, city map, amazon, black, clouds, etc.

If you take a look at websites like Amazon, there are lots of color choices and you’ll probably be able to resonate with one of those as well. Sometimes a good color will make it stand out in a nice way.

Packed With Smart Features

This might come off surprising, but there are more features to all this. They’ve basically though of everything a person would need in an outdoors situation and put it all together in this one backpack. For instance, you have places for a 2 water bottles (on each side) and there’s a storage compartment for your headphones.

Even if you’re out in the sun all day and need to stay hydrated, you’ll be able to do so. You’ll listen to your favorite music to basically enhance that natural high you get from traveling far and experiencing new things. Everything will be in reach and you’ll never want for anything.

If you take adequate care of it, it should last you for a couple of years even with extensive usage.

To Conclude

If you only had to go with one bag and one bag only, you should choose this one. You’re basically investing in practicality. The only thing that can be considered a downside is that it’s quite expensive but when you try it on and realize that everything is perfect – you’ll never want for more so it’s actually worth the price tag.

>>Click here to see prices, specs and reviews of the High Sierra Swerve backpack on Amazon.com<<


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