You Can Live Out Of Your GORUCK GR2 Literally, Forever.


Alright, this is a GORUCK GR2 my personal favorite.

GORUCK GR2 – one ruck to rule them all. Click Here!

If you’re going to travel the world with one ruck, GR2 is the ruck for you. If you can find a laundromat, you can live out of this thing literally forever. So to start off from the front, actually just for the dimensions… they come in two different sizes now, at thirty-four liter and a forty liter. Dimensions on both are 9 inches X 12.5 inches but if you get the thirty four-liter it’s going to be 20 inches in height and if you get the forty liters like this one it would be 22 inches in height. It makes packing fun.

So, you got your GR2 set up to travel the world for the rest of your life.

Traveling sucks.

Embrace the suck, that’s the patch I got on there.

When I’m going through security I like to not set it off, I like to not go through it again. So inside the pack lid, I’m going to shove my wallet, my cellphone and good to go. It’s more secure that way. I would like to say here that the quality of the mesh is that of netting. It’s not the typical screen door mesh.

Opening up the main compartment, you’ve got a couple of shirts, American flag shorts, got a laptop charger, a power strip. Why?

You can pack a lot of electronics in this thing. This compartment right here got a GR1 field pocket. Got a toothbrush and all that good stuff. Also got some additional organization there. Got a dear diary.

Dear Diary this has been a terrible experience except this GR2 is pretty awesome.

Alright, additional power chargers for an iPad and iPhone, right there.

Over here got two Koozies. Why two? GORUCK is we culture, always bring one just in case what, just in case why make friends, make more friends.

As opposed to GR1, the GR2 has a second main compartment. Here we go.

You can fit a suit or a dress in this pack. Fun, fun right.

I don’t like to travel in a dress, so I don’t have it on.

There is a ten-liter bullet ruck right here. Why do I have this?

GR2 does not make an ideal day pack, it’s just a little bit, it’s forty liters.

Don’t want to pay a gym membership?

You can add a forty-pound sandbag. Filler bags are already in there.

Okay here, got a GR2 field pocket. This has got a camera, a dry bag and it’s got a charger as well in this section of it.

Zip that back up I like to keep that in the top where it’s nice and padded stay safe, closer to my back.

The Molly at the top, you can add a knife and a sharpie of death. For instance, I like to write in a spiral yellow notebook.

Here you can fit an iPad, like to put that in there. Good to go in that main compartment.

Now here on this site, you got two more pockets. Got a book about a dog. Jason Loves dogs so he’s got that.

Now back here, this makes traveling pretty easy. You can put your MacBook Pro right here. Slides in slides out. I’m definitely impressed with that and this compartment in which they call it their bombproof compartment, which you could fit pretty much any laptop you want in there, regardless of the size even a nineteen-inch one could fit.

So the shoulder pads are about an inch thick which is excellent. I’ve been trying this with full loads and even without the sternum strap or waist belt, it actually rides really, really well on your shoulders.

It also houses your big ass laptop. Slides in there no problem. You’re in you’re out, it’ll probably fit most desktops in there as well if that’s your thing. So far, you can fit your existence in this rucksack.

GR2, travel the world with one ruck, you can literally fit your life in it.

Granted that the GR2 is made for the people that are 6 feet tall… I would not recommend this pack if you are shorter than that. It will ride on your bum if you do.

GORUCK GR2 – one ruck to rule them all. Click Here!


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