The Best Backpacks You Can Buy In 2020

Best Backpacks 2020

Best Backpacks 2020 in the latest and modern style with high-quality stuff. They mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. Some think it’s an essential part of their survival kit to house all the tools to take down a mythical beast. (a zombie perhaps?) But think what you may about the purpose or utility of the backpack, there’s no denying that it is part of popular culture. It’s appealing, cool, and awesome (along with other urban lingo kids these days use to describe ‘the hotness’). Style is a huge consideration for getting one of these babies as a utility.

Best Backpacks For Travel 2020

So, if you want to go all ‘Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy’ (alright, maybe not the galaxy but our green, blue and brown planet), the first thing you really want to go out there and get is a backpack, one which matches your individual sense of style, attitude, requirements, and temperament totally.

BUT really one that tough and built to last. Heck, if you think about it, strapping on that backpack sure makes you as boss as Optimus Prime from Transformers. Because ladies and gentlemen, with them backpacks all strapped in and looking sleek and sexy on you, its time you went all ‘Autobots. Let’s Roll Out!’

With so many brands in the market for backpacks, it’s impossible to know which one for you is. There’s the premium, and then there’s the fancy. There’s the utilitarian, and then there are the ones who do minimalism and sleek in equal measure. Man, it sure feels like too much choice out there.

Enter The GORUCK Backpack.

An American company established in 2008, who just love to design ruck and love to ruck. Yep, that’s a noun and a verb popularized by one of America’s top rucksack (backpack in layman’s terms). So, without further ado, let’s take a look at their rucksacks for the daring and the caring.

Timbuk2 Armory Pack A Superb Starter for the Ruck-lovers

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Chances are you are reading this because you just want to get started on with the big bad world of backpacks and quality backpacks. And for a brand that makes high- endurance gear for the Marines, GORUCK sure takes the quality part to the hilt. Enter & Get The GORUCK GR1, a quality backpack that stands tall against your back, shoulders, and obligatory adventurous spirit. It’s a high performance and extremely durable ruck that goes wherever you go. And this thing’s pretty sturdy and unbreakable as our 7-month old test will attest to.

Good old-fashioned ruggedness and durability.

That’s the back to the basics approach GORUCK took to craft the GR1, and it works. The backpack isn’t going to end up costing enthusiasts an arm and a leg. It’s made to last and with no added frills. And seeing as this backpack is made for long trips and seamless ease, you’ll be pleased to know it does not come saddled with traps/pockets/clips that are uncomfortable to the extreme. The backpack was designed to be great for tactical use, making access to its multifarious pockets a truly non-hair pulling experience for users. Kind of defeats the purpose of a tactical backpack if one had to waste a good few minutes to get that flashlight out. Even though it’s made for tactical usefulness, it still doesn’t come off as a ruck for military types only.

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The minimalism in its design has earned the GORUCK backpack its fair fans in the casual demographic. The average GORUCK consumer isn’t one who wants to kick down doors like they do in the movies. They just want something cool to strap on their back and serve their simple purposes, perfect for that Macbook of yours. Their understated and sleek design has its legion of fans. The backpack is crafted with 1000D Cordura, a super tough material that also possesses water resistance features. The ruck has 26L of space for all your stuff. And it’s made in the good old US of A, making it a truly indigenous product this side of the Pacific.

GORUCK GR2 – Getting A Little Bigger

Timbuk2 Q Laptop Backpack

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which is an upgrade over its smaller sibling, the GR1. Made with 40L of spaciousness in mind, the GR2 seems a worthy replacement for the GR1. If you want more room for your weekend vacations or wilderness expeditions, amongst other things, the GR2 seems a versatile choice for you. There’s no doubt the bag size is beast and weighs as much as 5 pounds when empty.

Do you know how minimalist GORUCK takes its product design philosophy?

Answer – very. Try spotting the GORUCK logo on these backpacks. Go on. Zilch. Nada. Nowhere to be found.

That’s how minimal they are. And this trend is alive with the GR2 as well. But just because it’s minimal doesn’t mean it’s not a looker. Going by their size, shape, color, and texture, the GR2 is sure to turn heads of the casual consumer as well as the bag aficionados around town. That’s how killer the craftsmanship on this beast is. It also possesses a handy hydration strap to attach your water bottle to on those long trips.

If you are undecided between the GR1 and the GR2: This will help make your decision:
And if you really want to know how thick and durable the GORUCK GR2 is, consider the 1000 denier Cordura it’s crafted with. That’s enough material to stop a grenade! And if that doesn’t surprise you, I’m sure the longevity of the product will. This is one ruck that is meant to exchange hands from one generation to another. In fact, it’s the only backpack you ought to get, once for a lifetime. This thing does not ruin easily.
And it’s roomy enough to fit a laptop with its 20” pocket, making those huge gizmos safe and comfortable to transport in them. Of course, all that iron-hide is going to cost you, but once you consider how long it is going to last, it looks a must-buy, in our opinion.

GORUCK GR0 – Not Your Average Bear

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So, we looked at a big (GR1) and a bigger (GR2) option. But what if you were looking for something that’s smaller than the both but still big enough to accommodate the stuff you want to carry?

Something that is easier on the pocket and yet be as long-lasting as it bigger cousins?
That was made exactly for traveling purposes. They don’t skimp on the reliability or the design or the durability that has come to symbolize the GORUCK brand. It’s discreet and unobtrusive and unassuming, a perfect companion for those who want to go on a journey of exploration and experience nature.

I don’t know about you, but the GR0 seems a real steal for mobile warriors. It is great to slip in a 15” laptop or a 7” tablet in that spiffy little backpack. We clearly think this bag was made for people below the height of 5.5”, like most of the human race. It weighs a cool 2.9lbs and is made from the same 1000D Cordura that can weather military-grade stress. It also has a hydration strap for a water bottle.

It is a wee bit smaller than the GR1 in terms of liter capacity. It holds 24L of contents. This GORUCK backpack is great for the everyday.

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