Geigerrig G1 1600 Hydration Pack Review

When it comes to outdoors equipment, I haven’t always had the best of luck.

As a regular hiker and skier in the Adirondack park, I am no stranger to buying equipment for my ventures. The worst luck I have had is with backpacks.

I had been through several and was close to giving up altogether until a friend recommended that I try out the Geigerrig G1 1600 Hydration Pack.

I think it’s safe to say that after buying it I won’t ever be switching up brands. They offer a seemingly unparalleled level of functionality and convenience for someone that likes to explore outdoors as much as me.

Geigerrig Comfort

This is one of my favorite aspects of this pack. I tend to carry around heavy loads for long periods of time so comfort is a must have. The straps on this bag fit nice and snug and were extremely easy to adjust. Not only was I able to fit a surprising amount of equipment in the bag, I was also completely balanced and comfortable hauling it around.

Features of this hydration backpack

The Geigerrig G1 1600 has a few cool features that I haven’t noticed in any of my other previous packs. Obviously since it is a hydration backpack the drinking tube is a major plus. It made it really easy for me to refresh myself at any time and is surprisingly easy to remove and refill. Another thing I love about this bag is the waterproof compartment for my I-Pod. When I am hiking up backwoods to ski down it helps to have some tunes to jam out too without putting my MP3 in jeopardy of water damage.

Overall the Geigerrig G1 1600 was a solid purchase.

It is made from heavy duty material, giving it a sturdy and long-lasting build. The combination of convenience and comfort makes it beyond worth the price tag. There are some packs out there that are twice the price and have half the features. If you are looking for a great pack to compliment your outdoorsy lifestyle, look no further than the Geigerrig G1 1600 Hydration Pack.

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