CamelBak HydroBak Backpack Review

Camelbak Hydrobak BackPack

CamelBak HydroBak Backpack review about the product quality and features that can help you to sort out your essential thing while hiking. Looking for a hydration pack? Well, the Camelbak Hydrobak might be up your alley. They spend hours on their bikes and travel miles at a time. It takes mental and physical strength to stay fixed in their seat and pump their legs continuously up and down hills, through head-on winds, with the sun beating down and the heat from the pavement rising up from beneath. The elements can dictate their performance for better or worse and so can the gear they choose.

CamelBak HydroBak Backpack Go the Distance


Most bikers would agree that their preparation and equipment are nearly as important as their physical condition.

Cyclists Have To Stay Hydrated

Most of them carry multiple water bottles in their jersey pockets or mounted to their bike frame. When thirst sets in along with fatigue, these bikers risk losing control while taking a drink on the go. Drinking from a water bottle on a bike requires a hand to leave the handlebars for an extended period and the head to tilt at an awkward angle, taking the cyclist’s attention off obstacles such as cars and potholes.

See for yourself this mini-review from the guys over at simply hike!

Not only do bikers need to be aware of their surroundings, but they also need to ensure others are noticing them. Cyclists share the roads with cars, SUVs, and tractor-trailers. Bikers often go unnoticed by drivers in larger and faster vehicles. It’s important for cyclists to have reflective strips on their bikes and gear to make drivers more aware of their presence. There is no room for the dead to wait on an extensive bike trip. It only hinders a biker’s performance. Bikers want to be light in weight and arrow dynamic. All gear has to be comfortable, functional, and essential.

Enter the hydration backpack review…

The HydroBak, by CamelBak, is a great addition to a hardcore cyclist’s gear for health, safety, and increased performance. The pack holds 50-ounces of water and has a waterline for easy access on the go. The mouthpiece attached to the90-degree turn from the end of the waterline can easily be placed in the biker’s mouth without turning his/her head.

They can stay focused on the road, keep their hands on the handlebars longer, and avoid dehydration without stopping. Other packs’ use mouthpieces that extend straight down, making them more difficult to drink from and more likely to leak over time. The cap to the reservoir has a low profile to avoid snagging on things like low tree branches and there are also reflective strips to keep bikers safe by increasing visibility to nearby drivers.

  • Some hydration backpacks are bulky and a bit heavy.
  • The HydroBak is a minimalist pack measuring 12.6 X 9.3 X 3.5 inches.
  • Bikers that use this pack commit to only bringing necessary items.
  • They remain light in weight and maintain minimal wind resistance.
  • The pack’s torso is short and sits above jersey pockets, allowing cyclists to access the pockets.

It has mesh straps, which keep that part of the biker’s body from retaining heat and becoming uncomfortable. The mesh and padding that rests on the cyclist’s back reduce physical and temperature-related discomfort. The HydroBak is designed to rest in the middle of the cyclist’s back and the straps can be pulled toward the middle of the chest by using the built-in clip. These design features maximize the range of motion for the arms.

The HydroBak is easy to maintain.

It’s best to clean the pack by wiping it with a damp cloth. If the pack is especially dirty it can be cleaned by soaking in cool/warm water with light soap, then rinsing thoroughly with cool water. The reservoir should be cleaned and dried after every use. CamelBak recommends using a water and baking soda solution (or the CamelBak Cleaning Tablet) for the most effective clean. Detailed cleaning instructions can be found on the Camelbak website.

CamelBak has what they call the “CamelBak Got Your Bak Guarantee.”

This is a lifetime guarantee on their product. If something breaks or rips on a customer’s pack, the customer should notify CamelBak for a possible refund or replacement. Cyclists that want to add the HydroBak to their road gear can find it in numerous places on the web. The price of this item varies enormously based on color and retailer. CamelBak sells the HydroBak on their site for $49.00 in all 5 colors.

The color options are black/graphite, racing red/graphite, pure blue/graphite, spring grass/white, and lemon green. Price discrepancies can quickly be discovered on with 5 different color options and many different sellers offering new and used packs. Interested consumers should not even consider a used pack without checking out the prices on less known web-based stores that can quickly be found by typing “hydro back” in a Google search.

Now there is no excuse for staying hydrated out on the road while cycling! Always keep moving!

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