The Top 7 Lightweight 60L Backpacks

7 Lightweight Backpacks

7 Lightweight Backpacks reviews with buying guide. Before we disclose the top lightweight 60L Backpacks of 2016, let’s take a look at what’s trending for this year. While living out of a backpack or traveling from point A to point B can represent some pretty intense challenges, relax in know backpack manufacturers are listening to the needs of backpack enthusiasts. So here is a full buying guide and best seven product reviews and basic specs for you, so you can select the right product for your needs. Let’s have a look at 7 Lightweight Backpacks reviews and buying guides.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Backpack

Organization & Functionality

Organization and functionality are the two areas major brand names are now focusing their designs on. As technology has fused with backpacking, two things come to mind in what to look for in an efficient backpack: enough compartments to hold valuable tech, like laptops and smartphones, and a way to ensure a hidden way to protect any valuables. Protecting your gear is a challenge, given the societal environment, it becomes a way to easy to not only slip those valuables out of the sackbut grab the backpack itself. Many of these designs also have hidden pockets sewn into the straps and waist belts.

No Of  Compartments

On top of that consumers want pockets that are item-specific in a nice streamlined, sleek, and simplified look. External pockets for detachable access for say a GoPro camera or an iPhone, are another request. The water wicking technology has seemed to pacify backpackers somewhat, allowing their gear to stay dry. Some suppliers will step above that, like Gregory Baltoro’s waterproof hip belt pocket. This is all referred to as purpose-defined compartments.


7 Lightweight Backpacks complete reviews with buying guides. Another trend is providing custom fits in backpacks. The solution is provided with built-in sustainability. Backpack companies want their customers to feel comfortable and are incorporating hip belt, torso-length, and yoke-width sustainability straight into the packs. You can be high on a trek, and have the option to easily dial in a better, more comfortable fit. Sustainability can have a downside by reducing stability and introducing new weak points. When you load up your backpack, always try it out before heading out on the journey.


Some retailers, like REI, will tell you that for long travels an 80 L is the best size backpack, that is because they are sure people do not know the proper way to pack a backpack. Very few people will under pack, and that is typical because it becomes a last-minute rush. The truth is you can travel better and enjoy more if you stick between a 40L and 60L. Find your happy medium—as much as you want to shovel stuff in, research how experienced backpackers fit their stuff into their packs. You will be surprised at technique, and just how little you really could get away with not taking.

Here Are The Top 7 Lightweight Backpacks

ZPacks Arc Blast

The very first product from the list of 7 Lightweight Backpacks. These are the same makers of the extremely popular EXO backpack, which was discontinued in light of the latest innovations in lightweight backpacking. The Arc Blast is so light, yet it offers even more capacity than the previous EXO pack. The Arc Blast is configured for multi-day packing and thru-hikes all while keeping the backpacker comfortable and sturdy with a heavier load. This 60L lightweight backpack is deceptively sophisticated with many attractive features.

Osprey Men’s Aether 60 Backpack

With Osprey as the name, you cannot go wrong with a backpack. Osprey pays attention to every little detail in their designs. LightWire technology is an integral part of the peripheral frame which effectively transfers the load to the hip belt. On top of that, the new IsoForm CM hip belt balances and cushions for an easy carry. There are many features included in all their packs, such as the external hydrations systems, many compartments, and the trekking pole attachment. Osprey offers a wide variety of different styles of great backpacking gear.

OutdoorMaster Internal Frame Hiking Backpack 60L with Waterproof Cover

Similar to Osprey backpacks, the difference is minimal when it comes to internal frame design and the capability of dispersing your weight equally for comfort. They have a more pocket rich section inside and outside of the pack for those who prefer stronger organization. OutdoorMaster backpacks are water-repellent and also include a waterproof cover in case of heavy rain.

Gemgo Mountaintop MB06 50L-60L Hiking Backpack

Gemgo Mountaintop makes some hefty and quality backpacks. The packs are super light but you can expand the contents to a 60 L easily. The adjustable padded shoulder straps reduce pressure on the shoulders. The entire bag is made of a strong breathable mesh fabric to help circulate airflow against your back. The zippers and clips are superior quality and easy to operate. It should be noted that backpacks beyond the 60L are used in all weather conditions more than any other purpose, especially in harsh winter trips where different packing is required.

OUTGEAR Military Molle Rifle Patrol Rucksacks Tactical Backpacks

OUTGEAR deserves another kudos for building the optimal backpacks. This tactical backpack is for the hardcore outdoor enthusiasts who demand the very best in a tough, rugged pack. The features added on this model is the folding design front pouch meant to carry up to a 29” rifle AEG. There are 2 Velcro compartments that can be switched out from the inside and then attached on the front. This superior backpack accommodates water bottles on both sides of the exterior pack. The hydration system includes a drink tube exit hole on the top of the backpack. The Military Molle Rifle Patrol Rucksack sports a strap and D-ring for add-on pouches. This is the backpack to buy if you are planning on trekking through harsh conditions.

Makino Hiking Backpack 60L with Internal Frame

Taking it down a notch is the Makino Hiking Backpack which is a high-quality professional pack designed for hiking or camping. It is versatile with a sleeping bag compartment, divider, and main compartments, hip belt, top lid pockets, and side pockets so your stuff can be organized and easily accessed. The frame is contoured and adjustable, as well as padded and ventilated to keep comfort in different types of environments. This backpack is ideal for novices who want a solid bag, and want to pack heavily.

Kany Large 60L Lightweight Water-Resistant

Although Kany has the 60L Large capacity, it is primarily used as a camping backpack for weekend camping or traveling. It is ultra-light and super durable. Made of a strong polyester fabric it is also water-resistant. There are many compartments, including a sleeping bag compartment. Mesh pockets can be found in both the inside and outside of the pack to keep your stuff organized. It is a simple backpack but the versatility makes it perfect for many purposes.


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