10 Best Canvas Computer Bags 2020 – A buying Guide

Best Canvas Computer Bags

The trend in canvas computer bags 2020 is all about incorporating an easy-going lifestyle, and freedom. Computer bags are made classic, simple with a little old school thrown in. Most of them are made of cotton canvas and real leather, which adds to durability and complete awesomeness. The combo canvas-leather look presents a sleek, well put together computer bag that almost touches fashion. The vintage look is becoming more popular as they mesh yesterday with today’s advanced technology. Take a look at the 3 best canvas computer bags of 2016.


EcoCity Vintage Canvas Backpack Rucksack Casual Daypacks

With the environment on the mind, this is an eco-friendly vintage bag which is typically referred to as a ‘rucksack’ and it is probably one of the coolest looking rucksacks around. It radiates casual and earthy all while being able to supply the needs of those carrying it. There are six compartments, plus a padded compartment that can hold up to 1 tablet or 13’’ laptop. It is an easy to carry backpack with adjustable padded shoulder straps. The natural look and overall functionality is fast becoming the top choice for college students this year.

Canvas Backpack, P.KU.VDSL® Laptop Backpack, Vintage Canvas Backpack, Casual Daypacks, Retro Rucksack, Travel Bags, Genuine Leather Shoulder Bag for Men Outdoor Sports Recreation Fit 15″ Laptop

This is a P.K.U. VDSL product and the shape may surprise you. It is a sleek squared off backpack which eludes simplicity and style with the canvas and genuine leather overtones. The backpack offers an open exterior pocket only to be concealed by the smooth leather flap. There are two abundant interior pockets and a padded compartment for your laptop. Once again, count on a sturdy leather flap to hold it all in with a magnetic snap closure.

This is a casual daypack in a perfect little size. It can even be used for day trips, or office attire. It does come close in shape to that of briefcase attached to the back in a magical, natural and classic way. This laptop bag is going to be the envy of others as they as you were you got it. And don’t be fooled by its size, it has plenty of ample room to accommodate notebooks, laptops, and a host of other personal items, and all without it wearing down from wear.

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Ibagbar Canvas Backpack Travel Duffel Bag


Ibagbar likes to go old school vintage in their products, as they love the idea of meshing old with new along with some great functionality. Versatility is another key factor to look for in their designs. They promote the canvas laptop bags as being able to be used for duffels, handbags, suitcases, and briefcases or anything you need for traveling. The main material is 90 percent high density cotton canvas and 10 percent PU leather.

The multi-purpose pack has wizardry of ways to turn it from a backpack into a cross body bag or a shoulder bag, thanks to the detachable straps. This all-around backpack has hidden compartments and supports your laptop comfortably.

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OXA Cylinder Canvas Backpack Computer Bag Laptop Bag

This cool canvas computer bag marketed by OXA deserves honorable mention simply because of its cylindrical shape, style, and functionality. It is made of a high density washed cotton canvas with the capability of three different ways to carry the bag. While some prefer carrying backpack style, others will opt to use the briefcase style handle. It includes exterior leather straps for use of keys, and other clip-ons. No need to worry about your laptop, there is a separate sleeve included to slide your laptop into and then position it in the flexible backpack. It will hold up to a 17” laptop, 4 books, glasses, wallets, earphones, cell phone and notebooks. The multi-uses of OXA Cylinder backpack is worth a second look.

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The Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag

This is a very popular style and has a ton of bags under this style. Below is a basic review and a few options for you to look at.

It really doesn’t take a lot to appreciate beautiful scenery and if you went for a hike once or twice you probably know just how much of a relaxing experience that can be.

Often times people will put too much of an emphasis on the preparation/technical side of things and miss out on the true essence of the experience which is why you should consider getting a simple messenger bag which will do the job just fine and let you get on with it.

A waxed canvas messenger bag is among the most popular choices out there because it looks great and it’s extremely practical nevertheless.

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Best Canvas Backpack

Laptop canvas backpacks can also be called rucksacks or even messenger bags. These packs come in all shapes, styles, and functions. Picking one out is as individual as the extensive selections of backpacks available. Backpacks are no longer the type you remember from school, they have grown up and found their way into the adult technological-driven world.

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Just to give you an idea of how far we have come in innovations, take a look at one of the most popular laptop canvas backpacks today:

This cool canvas backpack is appropriately called the “Booq Cobra Squeeze,” and consumers cannot get enough of it. The Cobra may be deceiving to the eye, but this pack has more than enough room for a laptop and other gadgets. It has excellent touches such as an elastic laptop anchor, and a clip-in dongle for keys. It is also heavily padded and well-ventilated, a backpack so streamlined and sleek made to hold up for years of use.

If you look closely at the Cobra is seems more futuristic and made for an astronaut, seriously not something you would find in a big box store. But no worries, this beauty is going to carry your 17-inch laptop safely. This fine-tuned backpack is covered in waterproof ballistic nylon. There are also two side pockets with zippers that expand to hold a water bottle or an umbrella. The front pocket is an open-top phone pocket, and still, there are two zippered back pockets for other gadgets. The two shoulder straps are designed to hold your smartphone or iPod touch.

Perhaps you want a little more flash and a bit more room for all your items. If so, then take a look at what Portage delivers. The Portage Waxed Canvas with Genuine Leather Camera Laptop Backpack has ample space for all your essential gear. The big pull on this pack is not only the capability to carry a laptop; it also contains a special compartment for a camera and the lens.

The pack is a top carry handle and an adjustable height feature for personal items at the top of the bag. Your camera gear and laptop stay safely separate, keeping all your personal things organized and quickly accessible. The canvas laptop bag is water-resistant with leather straps to emphasize style and function. You can use the slim front zippered pocket for smaller items like a phone or wallet. Portage makes high-quality backpacks, which will last a long time and are specifically designed to be easy to carry; they also take note of the latest trends keeping the designs in tune with a streamlined look.

If you are looking for a happy medium between the futuristic look of the Booq Cobra Squeeze and the Portage, this would be the ideal choice. The P.K.U. VDSL Laptop backpack catches the eye immediately with the beautiful genuine leather flap. While there are different color variations on the canvas body, the leather touches remain as fresh accents to make this canvas pack a top consumer pick.

The P.K.U. VDSL Canvas laptop backpack conceals an exterior pocket with the leather flap, plus there are two interior pockets inside the pack. The large compartment pocket is secured with a heavy duty zipper. This backpack is exquisite and practical, capable of holding a 15’’ laptop, up to 4 notebooks, and various other gadgets without ever weighting down from the wear.

These three canvas backpacks are the trend for backpacks this year. While retro or vintage is still being sought after, many people are opting for a more refined look, slimmed down, and only with a few touches. Bulky backpacks are out, as is any kind which cannot hold form from being weighed down daily.

Comfort is a big deal too. With all the new technology, people are looking harder at what they need in a daypack, rucksack, backpack, or book bag. Messenger bags with long padded shoulder straps are also the wave. So, retire your old, worn, shapeless backpack and grab one of these. You will be amazed by the complete difference in functionality and durability and look good carrying it.

Laptop Canvas Backpack

It may be a backpack or a messenger bag but as long as it is canvas with minimum flair, you are right in line with this year’s trends in ways to haul your laptop or gaming gear. When you just have to bring all your stuff with you, only the best laptop canvas backpack will do. This means lots of compartments to separate and organize all the little gadgets you must have.


So what does a cool laptop canvas backpack or messenger bag look like? The hottest ticket on this is anything put out by Timbuk2. It could be their Command Messenger bag or their Commute Laptop Messenger bag, as long as it has their brand name on it.

Both the Command and the Commute by Timbuk2 are rugged enough to take whatever you throw at them; it could be airline travel or hefty long bike rides and these canvas packs will stand the test of time. Both are available in three sizes so they can fit any size laptop and have soft padded sleeves for superior protection of your equipment. You can wear them as a messenger bag or carry them as a briefcase. There are numerous extra features on each such as easy access to your keys, or water bottle.

The Commute is more classic looking than the Command, featuring a nice waterproof flap, hard-snap buckles and some heavy Velcro closures. The Command is a lightweight canvas pack with a silent-open and close system. It also has an easy side access and even a pass-through for carrying on rolling luggage. Both are TSA compliant. You can use the side entry pocket to carry your passport without problems. The Timbuk2 bags are very well built, of great quality and sturdy.

Why Consider A Messenger Bag?

You’ll need to get yourself a decent bag before you can go off on an interesting adventure because you’ll want to have certain items within reach and especially ones that are crucial to your survival on the streets.

This will basically give you a peace of mind as you can feel free to explore different areas and enjoy it even more knowing that everything you’re in need of is just a few second away. One of the best things about this backpack is that it looks amazing and you shouldn’t feel surprised if you get a number of compliments the first time you wear it.

It also doesn’t hurt that this bag is fairly affordable.But Best laptop canvas backpack

Even if you’re considering getting it for something more casual like school or going to work, you’ll appreciate how stylish it is and you can wear it with a suit just to take that professional look up a notch!

Basically this is one of those bags you can count on being with you for years because for the most part it’s made out of leather and similar materials which are distinguished for durability.

What’s interesting about waxed canvas is that the coating on it makes it more resilient to external influences than the average backpack is.

This is ideal if you live in an area where there’s lots of unpredictable weather (especially during the winter) because even if you’re carrying something as sensitive as a laptop you’ll know that it won’t get wet and will remain in the same conditions as when you initially put it in.

What’s interesting is that you can even carry your laptop outdoors if for instance you want to go for a short hike and then get some work done when you get to a certain inspiring location.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to travel and work, you can literally rely on this bag to carry your laptop to a more secluded location such as a beach or a mountain because there are very few experiences that can top that. You’ll know that your laptop is kept safe from things such as rain and it also can’t get damaged because it has an extremely soft interior.

You can also expect it to feel a bit rougher than a standard backpack due to the materials it’s made of. This is actually a good thing if you’re an environmentalist or at least conscious of the environment because it’s eco friendly.

The only downside to it is that it doesn’t come with a belt strap but as long as you’re looking for a simple solution that is both fashionable as well as functional to the highest degree, this bag is certainly one that’s worth investing in!

Canvas Bag Buying Guide



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