10 Best Backpack Diaper Bags for Traveling Moms

Parenting isn’t the same as it was fifty years ago. These days, it’s becoming increasingly common for both mom and dad to take on more equal responsibilities, whereas in the past, mothers shouldered the majority of parenting responsibilities, especially during a child’s earlier years. As Papa shoulders more and more of the daily struggles that come with infants and toddlers, he also shoulders something else – a diaper bag!

Today, we’ll take a look at The Diaper Dude Messenger Bag

Luckily for dads, they don’t have to worry about toting their wives’ frilly, pastel bags.

Companies such as Diaper Dude have revolutionized the relationship between proud fathers and the all-important diaper bag.

One of the first things you’ll notice if you’re shopping for it online is the wide expanse in design choice, which is always a bonus. From camouflage to dragons to sports teams, you can feel comfortable with a more personalized style.

Another great feature anyone would enjoy is the ergonomic design of the overall bag. It’s meant to be worn across the chest, of course, like all messenger bags, but this Diaper Dude has comfortable straps and is designed to alleviate pressure from problem areas such as your back and shoulders.

The main selling point for most people when purchasing a diaper bag is the amount of pocket real estate available.

As far as pockets are concerned, this dynamo has got you covered. There’s one dedicated bottle pocket for a quick grab, three zipper pockets in the front, and more zippered enclosures inside the roomy interior.

This is the jackpot, folks.

Not only is there plentiful space for you to store all your baby needs, but there are virtually limitless possibilities for organization of these necessities.

Big wallop for one diaper bag!

One gripe some might have with this bag is that the bottle pocket isn’t insulated. This would keep it from staying warm, if milk, or cold, if juice.

However, you can conquer this issue rather easily by just acquiring a bottle sleeve and tucking that into the bottle pocket.

Others may not care for the nylon and polyester materials in the build, but these are actually smart choices for a diaper bag. These man-made materials make for extremely durable diaper bags that you can use from birth through preschool, and perhaps even beyond. These materials also make cleanup much easier.

See A Full Visual Diaper Dude Messenger Review below!

As you can see, Diaper Dude has its aim on comfortable, spacious, durable diaper bags, and their Messenger I bag is no exception.

They crafted a messenger bag styled diaper bag for dudes who happen to be fathers in a wide variety of colors and patterns to step away from girly, traditional varieties. With padding and ergonomic design, it’s very comfortable to wear for hours on end.

The bag is not only spacious, but it also has many pockets and slots to tuck away stray binkies (soothies) and extra clothes. Never fear, Diaper Dude is here with all your baby-related needs.

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