5.11 Covrt 18 Best Tactical Backpack Review

5.11 Covrt 18 backpack review

Are you currently attending school, working in an office, like to take day hikes, like to throw backpacks around, or just looking for an all-purpose pack for taking long peaceful walks in the woods? Have you read the 5.11 Covrt 18 Backpack review? If not, then read this article. Then it’s my pleasure to bring to you what I find to be quite possibly the most reliable and all-functional purpose backpack, the 5.11 COVRT 18 Backpack.

Below for this review, I will be attempting to answer all possible questions you may have before making a buying decision. I will also go over the normal geeky things such as the specs, colors, and pricing… maybe adding some recommendations as I see fit in the end.

Best Tactical Backpack 5.11 Covrt 18 Review

Each side of the bag has a large, mesh pouch where you can easily place your beverage bottle and closes with a density strap. In whole this backpack comes with 8 different pockets and does not even include the pockets on the inside of the large compartments!

While it is full of planned features like a tow handle, hidden artillery section it comes with the Quick Tact band, and loads of exterior accessory points. Made for us regular folks to provide the basic need of use!

The Internal laptop sleeve provides you with a perfect fit for a notebook or Mac Book that is just in the range of 14.3 inches broad and 9.82 inches deep, while even being padded to provide safety for those valuable accessories. It comes with an adjustable strap for smaller gadgets.

The fanatical sunglasses/goggle pocket is positioned at the top of the bag just behind the grasp handle and has been lined with supple fluffy fabric to prevent any scratches on those delicate sunglasses and very handy to keep even your eyewear holder safe.

The BBS gun pocket uses the tactical support belt structure that allows you to even carry a firearm, holster, magazine pouch, and other gear with the structure in a hidden pocket. This can be accessed through a zipper on both sides of the COVRT 18 bag.

Enough pockets are available to keep your bag organized and contains the following: the main compartment; a sleeve for a laptop, two mesh zipper pouches, and the hydration bladder partition plus four additional zippers enclosed for the exterior pockets and much more.

The standout feature of the 5.11 COVRT 18 is the straps that are as comfortable as they are wide and padded to ensure that it does not pinch you when being carried. The adjustable sternum strap keeps the shoulder belts in place while the grab handle is padded for comfort of use.

So, you may be thinking,

How would I know if this Backpack is the real deal?

I wouldn’t because, for one, I have not sent it to a combatant overseas, even thrown it from a plane, or had it dragged behind a speeding motorcycle.

  • This backpack isn’t made for that and it would not be asking for such treatment.
  • This is a pack that thrives best for everyday use and rather smaller tasks.
  • This bag was tested and has been put through the most ultimate tests by everyday people, like you.

What sort of people, you may ask?

Like I stated above…

People from all walks of life that are extreme day hikers, that travel on a consistent basis, that attend school, professionals that work to save lives, everyday moms trudging their kids around and the average person, like you maybe? Now let’s get to some questions that I foraged through around on the net and compiled them here below for you.

Is This Pack Durable For Everyday Use?

“While being thrown around on the job, abused, dropped, kicked, and even tripped over… it has still survived!” – some amazon users.

I found that this pack is used mainly for light loads NOT heavy loads. For instance, if you wanted to go on a hike and load 30-40 lbs., I would suggest going with a specific hiking backpack. Many people have stated that the webbing for the straps seems to stress a bit and the pack becomes uncomfortable.

What Are The Main Compartment Dimensions?

5.11 Covrt 18 tactical Bag features

I would roughly say the dimensions are 19”H x 12”W x 7”D. Some people say they have a hard time putting their laptop in the padded compartment but I will say that if you have a 15” laptop, it will fit just fine. Go bigger and you will have to put it in this main compartment.

You can view the details here on the 5.11 manufactures website.

Of course, the straps are there if you don’t need all that room.

You Can Get The 5.11 COVRT 18 Backpack Here!

The 5.11 COVRT 18 Backpack FAQs

Does This Backpack Have A Hip Belt?

No, this does not have one. Something I always look for with my small frame and lightweight. This is a must for me because my shoulders will get sore. BUT there are “brackets” for one if you needed to install your own and this does come with a buckle to clip the shoulder straps together.

Can it Be Used As A 3 Day Pack?

Depending on how you might roll your clothes but I would say yes. You can comfortably pack a couple of pairs of jeans, a few shirts, all your undergarments, your laptop, and travel toiletries.

Does This Have A Spot To Hold A Rifle?

No, it doesn’t but this does hold a spot for your gun or holster plus a magazine. Basically it can hold a full-size pistol and NOT a rifle. You would look pretty ridiculous and get yourself caught up where ever you walked. Get yourself a rifle case instead of this matter.

Will A 17” or 15” Laptop Fit?

From reading around and getting people’s opinions, I would say yes. One person said that the padded compartment made for the laptop would fit a 13” or a slim 15” PC not a 17” PC type laptop. If you take the padded sleeve out, then you can fit your 17” PC or Mac in there. Many states that you can fit a 17” MacBook Pro and you can definitely fit any 17” and 15” in the main compartment. Plus you can certainly fit all your books, notebooks, pens/pencils and the like that you need for school.

If You Already Own This, What Accessories Would You Get For This “Everyday Carry Bag”?

You can get some Molle attachments for the pouch on the bottom (it rolls down, like an assault pocket).

Does This Have A Hydration Compartment?

Yes! You can get yourself a Camelbak bladder or simply use that area for something else. I have seen people add backpack armor that you can get from AR500 for protection.

So What Makes The 5.11 COVRT 18 Backpack Special? 

  • This backpack is designed to appear delicate and even subtle.
  • It will conceal all your items without looking too “tactical” or military. Hence the Convert name!
  • The COVRT 18 is a full-sized covrt backpack that offers you greater calculated usefulness for use in various environments.
  • For me, I can carry my first aid kit, my arsenal of pens/pencils, notebooks, my 15” laptop (with all the charging cords), my 2 flashlights, and a Glock 19 (with 2 extra mags).
  • It is made of burly ballistic durable nylon material to survive any tough task; it can go through from being a soldier pack to a child’s normal school backpack no problem.
  • Providing you with a proper durable belt system and available in 5 different colors combination for you to choose from.

The zipper presents you with no problems to open and the bag has no lack of features and style. However, regarding the zippers… some buyers claimed that the zippers broke off with little use but overall the pack was great.

Why you would benefit from buying this backpack

The first reason is all the great reviews it has been receiving when bought by various customers. The pros when it comes to buying this backpack are much more than the cons when customers send their feedback.

Final Verdict:  The 5.11 COVRT 18 Backpack review

This is one of the most efficient backpacks available on the market today and provides you with a variety of uses that range from traveling, school, and even backpacking. If this bag can withstand the high school students abuse while being thrown around and even tramped on and last a full year of use then this bag is most definitely recommended even by me. I also found a larger pack that was comparable to this one, its called the Rush 24.

The backpack can be bought at various online retail stores at the most affordable price tag and for your ease of comfort…

You Can Get The 5.11 COVRT 18 Backpack Here!

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