50 tips to help to live your travel dreams

Looking for a travel blog that is not from a high profile traveler? Then you are at the right place. Travelling is the most thrilling hobby one can have. Visiting new places and going around the world, what can be better than exploring right? So basically all you got to do is be in your best mood and stay excited because that will keep your emotional level high and you will not go through an anxiety attack. (Breathe).

What I am trying to say is be ready and be in your best mood because that will make any of your problems half way solved. The second most important thing that should strike your mind about the travelling thing is how you do it all perfectly. Honestly, there is nothing such as perfect travelling and there are no standards. Everyone has different routines and needs and dreams. But I am here to draw the basic line. Let us check if these are helpful or not.

No carry drinking water:

No matter how strong or healthy you are water is necessary for living. Carry water no matter how far you have to travel. You may end up in a situation where there is no drinking water or you just do not want to get dehydrated.

Travel light:

Travelling is all about roaming around and exploring the place you chose. Having less weight will be easy to shift. As I myself am a carefree person, if you will have fewer things to travel with, the chances of loosing something are reduced too. Another benefit is you will be able to carry it all anywhere easily.


Buy a small bag:

This tip is directly related to the previous one. Buy yourself a small travel bag that will not allow you to have extra belongings. It will be a lot easier to carry it and take it wherever you want

Don’t stuff your bag:

It is human nature to fill the spaces. Once you are done packing carefully, you will find space and will try to adjust extra things. This is a complete don’t because you might need this space some other time. Trust me it will help you later.Take extra towels with you:

Terry towels or even standard size towels do not take a lot of space and do not even weigh much. So you guys should not be worried about the luggage. You might need to dry yourself due to some poor luck or to help someone or even after swimming at a surprise location.

First aid:

I hope you guys do not get hurt during your trip ever. But precautions are important, you may encounter an incident where someone is hurt and you are there to help. Moreover, minor cut and tear can take place therefore you should be able to take care of yourself. You actually don’t need to take special stuff just have the following basic ones:

  • A pair of scissors
  • Safety pins
  • Sterilized bandages
  • Antiseptic ointment

And some masking tape too.

Thread and needle:

A thread and a needle will not cover a lot of space but it is of great importance. Here is the answer to, why.  You don’t want to embarrass yourself if your dress is torn by a nail hanging out of some chair or some other sharp thing.  You can mend it with a needle and a thread in a restroom or somewhere safer.

Extra Socks:

Always carry extra socks. It won’t take up much space and will even help you keep your feet warms and clean. You might run into a puddle and your socks get wet. Or maybe you end up losing a pair somewhere.

Carry fewer clothes:

If you would wear the same dress or t-shirt for two or three days, it will not matter much. What matters is your experience and enjoyment. In the light of this you can half the amount of clothes you are carrying. It will enable you to focus on things that are more important your clothes.

A hand carry or mini bag:

You should have a hand carry with you in which you can have all the stuff you can need anywhere during travelling. This stuff can include your charger, snacks, water bottle and many more.

Lock and key:

It is better to carry a lock and key because we don’t know when we can need it. Maybe, to keep your room or your hand carry safe.


Always carry moisturizers no matter how short your trip is going to be. Moisturizers keep your skin safe as well as glowing. You don’t want to waste your time and space on makeup, only moisturizer can work too.

Extra charger and backup:

You don’t want your mobile phones battery die in a new place. We all know how important and necessary mobiles are now a days. So you better play it safe and keep your mobile battery up.

Take a jacket:

You better carry a jacket too because a cold can ruin your trip pretty easily.

Flash light:

You never know how dark can it get during trekking or what if you get lost in somewhere dark. Having a flash light can help you at least find the way back.

Easy foot wear:

Carry easy foot wear and obviously according to plans. If you are going for a hitch hiking you will definitely go with joggers or trek shoes. But if you know you just have to walk around and explore a plain city, you will need some slippers and sandals to do with.

Get vaccinated:

Before choosing any city or country you should check all the viruses or diseases you can catch. Get all the vaccinations done and then set off.

Photocopies of all your important documents:

Make more than one photocopies of all the important documents you are carrying with yourself. Your passport, visa and ID all should be copied for security and emergency cases.

Extra bank and credit cards:

In case if you lose of forget your cards somewhere than you should have other cards too because you can use them for at least getting back or informing the bank about the loss.

Use no-fee bank cards:

While traveling, each and every penny is precious. All the ordinary bank cards deduct money on each transaction. Therefore you should go for no-fee cards because they will make it easier for you to save money.

Save some cash for emergencies:

It is always better to stay ready for any kind of situations. According to the phrase we should save some money for emergencies. We might have to shift our stay somewhere or prolong our stay or go back sooner due to some work.

Travel insurance:

For your own security reasons and safety you should get a travel insurance. Some mishap can cause your pocket a huge shock. It is better to deposit some amount on daily bases and that will not even feel much. And will even help you to lean back on something.

Travel by yourself for once:

For many people out there it is impossible to travel alone. You should travel alone to have some time for your own self and blend in as you not the one you are pretending to be around anyone. The experiences you will gain and have will last longer and help you with several other issues including self-confidence.


The most exciting part about travelling alone is exploring different places all by you. It is an advice to go out and roam around looking for those unnoticed tourist spots that might be special and unique for you.

Don’t be afraid of using a Map:

Reading maps can be tricky but there is nothing better than being daring and ending up at an unexpected spot. Honestly when you will get lost in a new city you will have a great experience and I know you really don’t want to miss out on this one.

Use local means of travel:

You should avoid all the luxuries like taxis and use local means of travel. Go out and board a bus, ask the conductor where it will lead to or tell him where you are heading. This will save money and will enable you to have an insight of the local life in the country or city.

Gather information about the place you’re visiting:

You should talk to the locals about the place you are going to visit. They will provide you with facts and information, books and guides cant. This will add to your experience as well as your tour too.

Read history:

Before visiting any place or country you should know about the history so that you can enjoy and have the perks of visiting a historical place knowing all the information.

While going out, carry minimal things:

When you are leaving your stay place, you should take out the things which are required during your trip. There is no need to carry anything extra or unnecessary.

Prefer staying in hostel:

Hostels are better for your pocket and your trip too. You should stay in hostel because they are cheaper and are even easier to stay at.

Consider hostel staff for information:

Since you are in a new place you should consider the hostel staff for information. They can give you something about how to stay safe and work food and important materials for yourself.

Learn some phrases in native language:

This will enable you to communicate with the natives. You can ask for help or something you want to buy. If you will not know what does a specific word means you will get confused and might stress out due to it.

Eat economic:

Food is the most attractive part of travelling. But you should keep guard of your expenditures too. Eat from the area and restaurants that allow you to use your points and credits on your bank cards or tourist cards. Sometimes the owners may allow you free food too.

Try different means of travelling:

If you have taken a direct flight from your home town to your destination it will cost more. But another travel hack is flying to someplace near your destination and take train or bus to reach the exact location. It will cost less and will give you a better experience.

Avoid getting in lines behind families:

Families have more things to buy or handle. This can waste your time as well as your energy listening to all the kids and noise.

Ask for upgrades at hostels:

Don’t be afraid or feel ashamed of asking for upgrades at hostels or hotels. They might arrange a better or luxury room for you if they have one free. Therefore communication and request can be useful.

Visit historical sites while the sun is still up:

When you want to visit a historical site make sure you visit it in day light. This is because you will see all the monuments and will observe the buildings better. Night time can be dangerous and will make your view dark too.

Avoid eating at tourist spots:

Tourist spots charge more for almost everything. Food is at higher prices at all tourist spots so don’t waste your money there.

Try local food:

Local food gives you the flavors of land and country you are in. it is cheaper and easily available too. So don’t be sacred of eating from a small shop in town or a stall somewhere.

Cook for yourself:

When you are living in hostel you know you can cook food for yourself too. It will be nice for you to go to a local market and buy the things chatting up with strangers about what do they eat and how do they cook.

Engage with locals:

Visiting a new place sounds awkward but if you engage with locals you can have a lot of fun. You will get to know about their culture traditions and all. They might invite you to some carnival or festival and you get a chance to make new friends.

Keep yourself safe:

Safety, first. You should know how to stay safe. Allow you to get back till noon and avoid going far at night. Buy a pocket knife for your security too.

Avoid Cabs:

Taxis and cabs are very expensive for tourists. Since you are a new place, you don’t know what the rates for travelling by a taxi are. The drivers can easily fool you and you may get looted too.

Prefer walking tours:

It is better to join a travel group or any group of friends from hostel to travel. You should walk to your destinations that are nearby. This will help you save money and will allow you to take a closer look at the native lives.

City attraction cards:

Don’t leave yourself devoid of these special cards. They help you in many ways. They have free entries for tourists and some of them even allow you to have free food at certain restaurants and places.

Keep your belongings safe:

You really don’t want to lose anything while travelling and don’t want to get stolen too. You should keep a strong hand on the things you are carrying anywhere.

Take pictures of your luggage:

Once you are done placing your luggage in your room make sure you take pictures of your bag and your things. I case some of them get confused with somebody’s stuff you can show and prove that it is yours. Other than that if your bags get lost you can sow these pictures for help in finding.

Taking photos for you:

Take photos of and with the natives and the monuments or the places you like. This will give you tons of memories and smiles.


Collect souvenirs from anywhere you go. It will make your room back home prettier and will give you a glimpse of memories you made.

Keep your sleep schedule maintained:

If you will not sleep properly you will not stay active and dizziness while travelling will ruin your experience.

So here are the 50 tips. But make yourself the boss. You know yourself better and travel safe and perfect.




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