5 Things You Didn’t Know About Condor Backpacks

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Condor Backpacks

You may not be familiar with Condor backpacks but surely you have seen them. Condor products have been around for decades. Today’s Condor products are consistently used by soldiers, hunters, and police.

Condor named their company after the largest flying land bird in the western world. The Condor only has to beat its wings a few times to hit a high elevation, where it soars over a typical 160 mile territory for prey.

This is where the company grabbed their name for their outdoor products, because they wanted to mirror the magnificent qualities of the Condor bird. The idea took off, and decade’s later Condor products remain in higher demand than ever. Here are 5 things you didn’t know about Condor Backpacks.

1. Their mission began as a camping good manufacturer.

During the early days of the company, they were focused on getting people to get out into nature and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Much of their product line extended beyond only backpacks but into other camping gear as well.

2. They now are in high demand by military and police.

What happened next to turn the company completely around was war. Their product line now demanded more focused gear and designed for military use. They could not keep up with the demand especially after they introduced the 3 day Assault pack. It became the beginning of their tactical product line. Condor has since expanded upon this pack, including mandatory inclusions in design to accommodate military and police needs.

3. They are now also the number one choice in “bug out bags”.

The Condor 3-day backpack has now become the preferred “bug out bag” for survivalists. Survivalists are a growing population of people who are preparing for the fall of society and government via by storing food, weapons, medicine, etc. Survivalists depend on not only Condor backpacks, but are extending their survivalist lists to mirror the exact same products the military is ordering. These items can be anything from a Condor Modular Tactical Vest, Digi Pouches, and any other Condor product.

4. Condor is the main supplier of backpacks for EMT, hunters, and Tactical, and Assault task force agencies.

The demand for function focused gear has catapulted Condor into the leading supplier for all of the population. Whether it is an EMT needing a medical backpack, or a hunter adding on to his Condor backpack with accessories. This company is so focused and into forward thinking, it is impossible to keep up with their next product line.

5. Their backpacks are backpacks and beyond.

The popular 3 day backpack is just the beginning. Condor backpacks also extend to deployment bags, pistol bags, camera backpacks, EDC bags, OASIS hydration centers, medical backpacks, sector sling packs, and an incredible amount more. Because of their excellent reputation for this product genre, Condor cannot be matched by any other manufacturer in any category such as durability, comfort, versatility, and the abundance of product lines. If you get a Condor backpack, you will most likely purchase one of their camo-gear wear in shirts, pants, and even combat boots.

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