3 Ways To Gear Up Your Feet Before Backpacking

3 Ways To Gear Up Your Feet Before Backpacking

Okay let me guess, your backpacking or hiking through the trails and at about half way you are ready to just give up. Sound familiar?

You even might think that the only way to gear up your feet is with a good pair of backpacking shoes!

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So why may your feet hurt?

Is it because of carrying your heavy backpack or equipment?

Is it because your feet are screaming in pain and you’re pushing yourself to go further?

Is it because no one wants to be that person who slows the group down or, if your a guy, wants to be “wimp”?

Is it the external things you are doing that makes your feet sore like, climbing rocks, walking down a rocky hill or hiking through the mountains?

Well the answer to all those questions, is YES and NO.

Below are three ways you can help eliminate foot pain during your backpacking or hiking trips…

Way #1: Warming Up Your Lower Body

It’s often thought that only sportsmen and athletes are the only ones who warm up before heading out to do what they do…

Are you right to think you don’t need to stretch or prepare your body before a hike?

Not warming up or stretching before going for a hike or a long walk is one of the greatest mistakes you can make… Warm ups and stretching are one of the few ways to signal your body in getting ready for a workout. ESPECIALLY your feet!

People never stop to think that stretching your thighs, calves and even your Achilles would help ease the pain you might have with your feet during a hike.

Therefore, always do a quick warm up to avoid any aches or sores in your trekking adventure. Ensure to stretch out especially on the few important areas of your body like the ones I just mentioned. But that’s not all that is needed to relieve sore feet…

You’re kidding? Just warming up will eliminate foot pain?

Okay, that’s a little exaggerated…Of course we’re looking at the 3 ways to gear up your feet before hiking!

Way #2: What Footwear Do You Put On Your Feet?

Avoid wearing the traditional hard and heavy boots when hiking. Although they have other key benefits, You wouldn’t want to drag your feet all the way right?

Pick a lightweight breathable pair of shoes instead, like the ones below:

– If you’re into high cut boots, Salomon Synapse Mid is a good choice. It has thick soles to protect your feet and is very flexible .

– The Vasque Velocity 2.0 is great for those with high arches and prefer an aggressive toe spring.

– For a lightweight breathable pair that is made of a material that dries easily, Merrell Moab Ventilator multi sport is definitely a good choice.

Way #3: Foot Cover – I mean your socks!

Normal socks are just thick and does not allow air to flow through easily. At the same time, traditional socks also locks moisture, meaning your feet would be damp and just imagine the smell!

Other than that, your feet would be very uncomfortable because that moisture would cause your feet to constantly rub against the socks – Which could leads to blistering too.

Choose hiking socks that are light-weight.

– Smartwool PhD Run Light Mini has mesh ventilation zones that could provide good ventilation flow constantly when walking.

– If you prefer a slightly thicker lightweight hiking socks, then you should make Wright Coolmesh the product of your choice.


Because it was designed with a double layer construction.

A popular choice of socks that suits this criteria is Wigham Cool Lite Hiker Pro Sock. It helps in increasing the airflow around your feet.

Having Quality Insoles…

A common trick most hikers use is to insert insoles that are of high quality.

I know. You’re thinking, all insoles are just the same.

You’ve got it wrong here buddy.

Insoles that are cheap or low quality usually offer little support for your working feet. These better ones are usually structured and constructed in a way that it gives all the support you need for your activities.

Here are a few brands you should be targeting whence you’re being introduced to some other products.

Top 3 best hiking shoe brands

#1. Superfeet Green Premium Soles – Has an anti-microbial treatment.

This helps in eliminating any of those hidden bacteria in your shoes and soles. These bacteria causes your feet to smell badly and sometimes could even be the reason to infections.

#2. Spenco Polysorb Cross trainer is just a simple but basic insole. This will be a good choice for anyone that doesn’t fancy all the benefits but just want a good basic insole. The other plus that it had is there’s extra cushioning than majority products out there.

#3. Montrail Enduro Soles is one of my favorite among all. Why? Because it has this special benefit to it. There is a high rebound heal pad that absorbs the impact of the shock when you jump or land on your heals.

Not only that, it is made from a special thermo movable foam that would mold in the bone structure and shape of each of our foot.

So when are you getting your shoes, insoles and socks?

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