10 tips to pack your luggage efficiently  

   10 tips to pack your luggage efficiently  

Packing luggage is actually the most confusing part of travelling. You have to decide what is required and how to maintain the extra everything too. Being a girl myself I completely understand the feeling of carrying all the beautiful dresses along but how to manage this all. Frustrating, isn’t it?

But guess what? I have some suggestion for you. I hope they help you with the luggage management and sew all the problems into a small crumpled sheet you can trash somewhere in the delete folder of your brains. So, let’s start.


1.      Check list:

Before doing anything, make sure you have made a list of all the things you are going to need. This will keep a check about the things you want to keep with you. Plus you will find it easier to look for things too. Ticking everything while placing it inside your bag, you can pack all of your stuff faster and more efficiently. Stress level deduced is another important point. Less stress and a better mind to travel.

2.      Roll your clothes:

Rolling your clothes will give you more space. It will allow you to keep your clothes safe and will not make your clothes all wrinkled. This will keep your fancy and expensive clothes safe and clean.  The fact is that this is a smart way because it is efficient from every perspective. The bonus is that this will keep your clothes fresh and the smells or stinks will not transfer from one thing to another.


3.      Use zipper bags:

Use zipper bags to place your clothes. It will keep them safe. You will not need to iron them again once you are going to wear them. So two problems solved in one, iron your clothes, and place them in a plastic zipper bag. No ironing in the hotel you are staying at. Another important thing is you will not need special hangers for each of your clothes too.

4.      Keep things tidy:

There are cases and situations in which your precious clothes and shawls get stained and dirty. What you have to do is to fold your clothes after getting them inside out. It will keep their outer clean and will help you keep them safe from the stains.

5.      Packing shoes:

For packing shoes you should know that they are the reason your bag will get dirty and things will get stained. To maintain the cleanliness of your luggage you should put your shoes into zipper bags. It will keep their dust to themselves and you will be able to place everything under and over them very easily. So, we got more space and safer, tidier luggage. Therefore, don’t feel shy if you are using some unusual space because this is the smart work.

6.      Gadgets:

All though travelling is a hobby itself but you may require cameras and tablets to use. Keeping them safe and saving them from any kind of damage seems tricky. This can be done by using cases and separate bags. Your tablet can go through all kind of bumps and jerks if it’s placed in a slim vacuum case. Cameras often come with bags, so if you use those bags to keep your cameras safe, it is convenient and cool.

7.      Fill up dead space:

A smart luggage plan is the one in which every small inch of your bag is used efficiently. There is a lot moer space in your bag than you can see. How? Here is the deal, the space of your shoes. You should shove your socks and under wears or some other small stuff into the shoes. This will allow you to save the visible space for other things.

8.      Choice of bags:

You should know that there are vacuum bags that will keep your things fresh and won’t squeeze them too. They are lighter in weight and are easy to move too. Therefore the bag you choose should be a smart choice. You should know that its light weight and it can keep all your things safe and contained without causing any destruction.



9.      Books:

Before saying anything I would like to share my opinion about books. Carrying books while you are travelling seems like a bad idea. Why? Because you will not get the time to read them. Even if you will, you should not because you are visiting a new place and it deserves to be explored and seen by you. Anyways if you want to carry a book, just download it I your mobile or tablet. This is because you may lose it somewhere. Plus this is not giving you any extra space or weight mamgement techniques.

10. Use stash cans for money:

Tourists are the ones who are an attraction for the robbers and thieves anywhere. You should be smart to keep your important belongings and money somewhere super unpredictable. Therefore you should use stash cans for this purpose. If you don’t have a stash can use your water bottle as one. Or place your money inside your socks. So, the robbers can get your bag but you can save yourself with the money. Such cases often occur in hotel rooms too. The staff steals away your money without you knowing. So play it smart and hide away your precious jewelry pieces and belongings someplace super safe and unpredictable.

Final Thoughts

These are some basic techniques to pack your luggage and your bags efficiently. I hope you guys find it working for you. Travelling do seems hectic but what is better than having an adventure all alone and visiting new places and people. So keep your hope and heads high to look for a nice and well managed tour to somewhere you have always wanted to go. Giving life and yourself a chance is important because you will only live once and this world deserves to be explored and discovered. I hope everyone keeps looking forward to travelling safe and happy around the world because best things happen on the most unexpected time and place.

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